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Custom Wood Pieces

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Sawmill Service

With our saw we can cut your dimensional lumber. For slabs up to 42” we have a bandsaw, and for slabs up to 60” we have our slabber. Whether you want something from our log selection or have your own logs we can customize to your desires.


Wood Shop Services

In our shop we create live-edged tables and custom wood pieces.  We also offer our shop services to help you prepare wood for your own projects. We have a 40" wide belt sander, a CNC flattener, a planer, and a rip saw.

Live Edge Slab Sales

We have a wide range of species, sizes, and thicknesses of slabs on hand for you to choose from to liven up your surroundings.


Custom Lumber Sales

We put the custom in lumber. If we can mill it, plane it, sand it, cut it or any combination thereof then our best effort will be given to get you the lumber you need. For green, (high moisture content) wood we can cut it off the log. If dried is what you are after we offer wood that has been kiln dried as well.

Thermally Modified Wood (TMW)

What it is - wood is heated to the point that the fibers are crystalized which make it very stable and a chemical free alternative to standard treated wood.

Uses are many for your outdoor and indoor projects in almost all the places you already use woods and now in places you normally wouldn’t.

We can sell you the lumber or create your product for you in our shop.

Pictured are two pieces of maple. The piece on the left is maple in its natural state. The piece on the right has been Thermally Modified.

During the ”baking” process color of the wood is darkened and the color is same throughout the piece.

Thermally Modified Wood
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